Exercises for body and mind in a relaxed atmosphere, intense but without pressure. We practice while sitting (also possible while lying down), walking and mindful moving combined with small lectures and discussions. We will study the ancient teachings of the Buddha in a living, contemporary and joyful form. Joy in everyday life and when practicing is an important quality on the path to insight.
The structure and content of the course are based on the basic teachings of the Buddha on meditation, especially the speech "Satipatthana" (areas of mindfulness). “Vipassana” means “deep insight, seeing through, but is often used as a term for a strict, concentrated practice. “We practice a gentler form of meditation here, with more freedom for personal needs. Nevertheless, the exercise can lead to intense experiences. A special focus is on not seeing the exercise separately from “ordinary” life, but rather that the exercises can be practiced in everyday life.


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Ankisha Gestalt
Oosteinde 137
2271EE Voorburg

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