"Don’t push the river. It flows by itself." B. Stevens



By choosing a gestalttherapie-based approach you can find out what hinders you to have pleasant and fullfilling relationships with the people who surround you: family, friends, colleagues.

There are several reasons why to choose a Gestalttherapie-based approach:

  • making choices in your life
  • improving the quality of your relationships
  • gaining inspiration and motivation
  • improving your quality of sleeping and dreaming
  • handling difficult life events and conflicts
  • adapting to bigger changes in life
  • reducing stress and fears
  • reducing psychosomatic complaints
  • improving your life time work balance
  • reducing depressive reactions and burn-out
  • knowing your reactions and emotions when going into contact with other people
  • handling of parent-child conflicts


As a Gestalt-Coach with 20 years of experience in applied buddhism I provide the best training such that people can start feeling their emotions when going into contact with other people, thereby deepening the contact, enhancing their personal growth and becoming a leader. The coaching and training will be either individual, in groups or in a combination of both depending on your personal needs and expectations.

My approach is a fourfold integrative approach:




By letting you experience you’ll become aware of your immediate needs within the context. This can be physical, emotional, cognitive, physiological. By increasing your awareness you will realize how you react and how old, unconscious patterns govern the way you respond in changing situations.



I will create a safe space, so that you can with my support disrupt your usual perceptual and behavioral patterns and invite the opportunity to try out completely new ways and choices.




By encouraging you to use anything what happens within the immediate context as the existential basis we will both explore and experiment with this basis, so that you will have a perfect basis to continue on your journey.



This approach will be combined with the most advanced meditation techniques from applied buddhism and dream. This way you will integrate your experiences made during the coaching sessions into your daily life. This integrative process will trigger your personal growth and success, wether if you use it for personal purposes only or if you wants to increase your competencies as a leader.


On a regular basis, I will organize new workshops and (foreign) retreats. Check here for our workshops calendar: